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Why you should take your partner out for coffee

Coffee dates are notorious staples of the first, second, maybe even third date. But when was the last time you took your long term partner out for a coffee? Chances are you can’t remember (and neither can I).

Here are some reasons why you should bring coffee dates back to life!

It’s a real treat

Coffee is probably one of the cheapest things you can make at home, so leaving your house to go for a coffee seems frivolous. If you are already having coffee out during the regular workday, it may be even more so or you associate it with working.

However, the act of leaving the house to go to a local coffee shop can be a real treat. First of all, it is likely a better brew than what you make at home. The fact that you can make it at home but don’t also adds to it. More importantly, if you are brewing a few cups at home and you are lost in your own thoughts you are less likely to really spend time together. Which brings me to my second point.

You are focussed on your partner

With nothing else to do but sit and enjoy the scenery, you have to focus on your partner. After being together for some time it is easy to get into a rut, spend more time together but that time be of lower quality and less of it truly connected. Go out for a coffee and have a good conversation about a topic that doesn’t directly relate to the daily issues you both have a to deal with can be refreshing. Even if it is just 15 minutes, you will relax, have fun, and maybe discover something about him/her that you didn’t know before.

You show that you want to invest in the relationship

And that’s not because you are shelling out a small fortune for a triple mocha frappuccino with a dollop of whipped cream and caramel sauce… Rather, you are taking the time to do nothing else but connect. Just as easy as it is to just go about your daily routine, it is also easy to start feeling a bit taken for granted. Don’t let it happen! Coffee may not fix everything, but it is the act of going out to spend some time together, however little you can manage, that really matters.

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  • Claire-Marie

    It is so easy to get caught up in day to day life. I like the idea of a simple outing like this. It doesnt have to be really fancy or take all day. That’s a really nice thought. thanks for sharing!

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