Living boldly: how to get started!

Living boldly isn’t something many people do. People may dream of a life where they take risks, travel, and go balls to the wall on life, but they tend to stay stuck in their 9-5 jobs. Put plainly, they continue doing what they believe to be ‘the norm’ and what society dictates they should probably do, like meet someone, have kids, get married, and settle down. There is absolutely nothing wrong with ‘settling down’, but living boldly and getting out of that comfort zone can completely change your perspective, and even make you a better person. If you want to be a great partner, parent, and all round great person, then living boldly is the way to start. Below you’ll find some advice.

Figure Out Your ‘Best Life’

Now here’s the thing, your best life and somebody else’s best life is going to be completely different. In order to figure out your best life, you’re going to need to be ready to get to know yourself, your likes, dislikes, and where you really want to be, so that you can live more boldly than ever before. You must be authentic in all of your efforts, and you can only do this by truly knowing yourself.

One person might think that having a corporate high flying job and earning a lot of money is living their best life, while another might feel like going off the grid and earning their own money, even if only a small amount is living their best life. It’s up to you to figure it out.

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone Daily

Find ways to get out of your comfort zone daily. Do something that scares you, such as strike up a conversation with a stranger, or give somebody a compliment. These little things can have a huge impact on your confidence, and you begin to realize that you’re capable of so much.

Explore The World

Exploring the world can make you more knowledgeable and cultured. You get to see how other people live, live like them for a while, and learn more about the wide world. Overall, you’ll gain a better perspective and become more independent. Travelling solo is something everybody should do at least once! You don’t even have to backpack indefinitely. Taking short trips to different places is just as valid. You might even decide you want to live in another place for a little while – this site has some tests that can give you an idea of what is required.

Say Yes More Often

Although you need to look out for your wellbeing, and you don’t want to be coerced into something that doesn’t feel right, try to say ‘yes’ more often. It can be scary, but you’ll experience so much more because of it.

Learn From Your ‘Failures’

There are no failures, only lessons. You can’t be afraid to fail. Make the most of each time by learning something from it!

Take Risks And Learn How To Trust Your Intuition

You don’t want to overthink every decision you make, so learn how to trust your intuition more. Take more risks but listen to your gut.


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