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6 Packing tips for a great journey

I am getting ready to be on the road for over a month, starting tomorrow. So today is all about laundry and packing. Over the course of the years, I’ve spent so much time traveling that I’ve become fairy good at packing for trips. Whether for business, family travel, or the rare holiday. I’ve also learned from some of the best, I have spent quite a bit of time with seasoned travellers and taken note of what they do for a smoother journey. The first tip is one I never appreciated but learned from one of my frequent flyer friends. I’ve rounded up my favourite 7 packing tips here.

Invest in good luggage

You wouldn’t expect a butcher to be an expert in vegetables. This applies across the board, so don’t get your luggage from a store or a brand that doesn’t specialize in travel goods. The ones that specialize in luggage and travel goods spend time designing and testing their products, and you are more likely to get more out of your investment with a product that was well thought out and put together. Luggage is expensive, but it can last a very long time as well. Look out for brands that offer long warranties, and shop the sales if you are trying to save some money. Luggage tends to go on sale with major events, like black friday sales, and boxing day.

Pick spinners that glide easily but have a strong handle. The heavier your bag gets, the harder it is to maneuver and a good spinner will make all the difference.

Travel pouches and travel size containers

Invest in some good travel size containers for toiletries. Add some clear plastic bags to mix to separate out clothes, laundry, and small items like medication or snacks.

Experiment with packing styles

Getting more space out of your luggage means carrying fewer bags, or getting more necessities into your luggage. Experiment with rolling or flat packing your clothes. You can also get more out of the space by investing in some vacuum bags to reduce your items in size, but remember that unless you get the type that you can roll to get the air out, you will need a vacuum on the other end as well to pack everything back into your luggage.

Pack multi-functional pieces and layers

Layers, neutral colours, and items that all match to each other means you get a large number of outfits out of just a few pieces. Think of it as a capsule wardrobe, and apply the same principles. Choose items that have more functions, like a blazer that you can wear out when it is chilly or to dress up an otherwise casual outfit. Brighten things up with accessories and add belts, necklaces and scarves to your selection. These are small and pack away easily but can transform any outfit into a different look, so you can rewear the same black dress, but with a different belt or scarf on consecutive days.

Pack small items inside your shoes

Shoes don’t compress, and nice shoes should not get squished. Pack socks, and small accessories inside your shoes to keep them looking nice and maximize the space in your suitcase.

Plan ahead

Check the weather and plan ahead. Think about what you will be wearing when, and whether you need anything that suits a specific occasion (dinner out, a concert, etc). Taking one extra “just in case” outfit it fine, but don’t overdo it because you are likely not going to wear or need everything you take. When it comes to unpredictable weather, layering is your best friend here and sticking to a colour palate that works well together means all your pieces can mix and match to suit any situation mother nature throws at you.





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