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5 Reasons to visit the zoo with your partner

Think the zoo is just for kids? Wrong! If you live near one, it is an easily overlooked fun day out. Especially if you manage to do during a week day when it is relatively quiet. Here are 5 reasons why going to the zoo is a great date idea, also also just a fun day out!

1. You will learn something

Whether you’ve just started dating or are together for years, you are bound to learn something new about your partner. Whether they know the name of an obscure exotic animal, or seeing the lions sparks a childhood memory they never shared with you before. Even if you learn nothing new about your partner, there is no way you are walking out of the zoo with less knowledge than you had walking in. You may see an animal you never knew existed, or learn about some interesting behaviours your favourite species exhibit.

2. Supporting the zoo is a good thing

This requires a small *: good zoos deserve your support. Not all zoos are created equally, but most of them do great conservation work and treat the animals very well. They are incredibly important in protecting endangered species and preventing extinction. The zoo is often involved in valuable research projects. Caring for the animals, and conservation and research efforts cost a lot. For the fairly modest fee you pay to visit, you can get some feel good vibes about supporting a worthy cause.

3. Exercise!

Walking around for most of the day is bound to be great exercise, and a change from what you would be doing on any other day. Getting out there and being active with your partner is not just fun, it is good for both of you.

4. Stuff to talk about

Dinner conversations can get a bit stale after some time together, and there is only so much you can talk about that happened in your day that your partner doesn’t already know about. Discussing the bills that need paying is hardly romantic and giving a detailed account of your day at the office is also hardly exciting. A zoo visit can spark some awesome conversation topics, bring back memories to share from your childhood (or in general), and a wealth of “remember when animal X did Y??!” moments.

5. Making new memories

Going hand in hand with point 4, what are you going to tell your kids about your life together as a couple? If you hardly ever get out because regular life has taken over and you are a bit stuck in a routine… are you really going to tell them all you did on the weekend was binge Netflix? No, of course not. Get out there, make some memories, and share them! Not to mention the great pictures you will end the day with, possibly even with a giraffe photo-bombing you 🙂

Photo by Gelen Punto on Unsplash

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