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3 tried and tested gluten free flatbread recipes

Avoiding gluten can be part of a healthy lifestyle. Whether it is by choice or necessity, eating gluten free doesn’t mean leaving the bread basket behind. I’ve been trying to remain gluten-free – or more likely gluten-reduced –  for years now and I’ve tried and tested a few different recipes to make flatbread.

These go great with a curry as a naan alternative. Or just wrap up some salad and chicken for a healthy lunch.

A vegan flatbread option

While dairy free options can turn out a bit of the crunchy side, these gluten free flatbreads are actually soft enough to use as a wrap.

Crunchy flatbreads with sesame seeds

If you prefer a crunchy texture, then these flatbreads are a lovely alternative to crackers.

Another soft flatbread

If you prefer a soft flatbread or want to use them instead of naan breads, then here is another softer alternative.



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